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Berthold SuperSENS Detector
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The SuperSENS detector with its outstanding sensitivity allows for operation with extremely low source activities. The innovative point detector can be used for the measurement of density and level.

Due to the high sensitivity, the SuperSENS is all the more able to measure on thick-walled vessels and big tanks, where other detectors fail or need to work with unacceptably high source activities.
Berthold Technologies - SuperSENS Detector

The SuperSENS detector uses a very big scintillation crystal, 150mm in diameter. The combination of the large scintillation volume and the powerful shielding against background radiation, makes the SuperSENS the most sensitive detector on the market. Depending on the application the source activity can be reduced by up to 80%. In some cases the SuperSENS can be installed subsequently in order to prolong the source life by up to 10 years or more.

Benefits at a Glance
  Best sensitivity on the market
  Able to work with smallest source activities, up to 80% reduction possible
  Use of small and cost-efficient shieldings
  Applicable on big tanks and thick-walled vessels
  Extension of source life by 10 or even more years
  Long-term stability of 0.01% per C (Patented method)

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Berthold SuperSENS Product Brochure

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