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Engineered Solutions for Pulp and Paper Industry
RunEco - Paper Machine Vacuum Blower Systems
The RunEco Paper Machine Vacuum Blower System consists of an EP Series Turbo Blower, an EcoDrop Water Separator and an EcoFlow Dewatering Measurement System.

EP Turbo Blowers are thoroughly modern blowers that use an integrated high-speed motor controlled by a frequency converter. Their rotation speed and vacuum level can be adjusted according to the process requirements. EP Turbo Blowers come in various sizes to accommodate the size of your paper machine.

The EcoFlow Dewatering Measurement System provides accurate real-time feedback on dewatering performance. With sensors located along the paper machine, it can be used to optimize dewatering and vacuum levels in the forming and press sections.
Runtech RunEco Paper Machine Vacuum Blower Systems

A RunEco Paper Machine Vacuum Blower System offers:
  Savings of 30% to 70% in energy compared to traditional vacuum systems
  No water usage
  Lower CO2 emissions and a smaller carbon footprint
  EP Turbo Blowers that operate with variable speed and capacity
  Quick optimization with no need to bleed air
  Minimal throttling and expansion losses

RunDry - Paper Machine Dewatering and Cleaning Solutions
Runtech's tailor-made solution, RunDry significantly improves dewatering, doctoring and cleaning processes enabling increased dryness after the press section. RunDry is a complete solution with the payback time typically under one year.

Maximizing sheet dryness and cleanliness from the wire section to the dryer brings measurable cost savings such as notable improvement in the paper machine efficiency and reduces the dryer section energy consumption.

Optimized dewatering and cleaning technology can significantly reduce several production problems such as poor moisture profiles, dirt contamination, corrosion, time used for cleaning and poor permeability of the fabrics leading to reduced breaks and even reduce wet draws. Working environment will be safer and healthier.
Runtech RunDry Paper Machine Dewatering and Cleaning Solutions

Benefits Include:
  1-3% increase in dryness after press section
  Saves 4-10% of dryer section steam and/or increases the production considerably
  Ensures efficient water discharge with perfect rewet prevention
  Payback time less than one year

RunPro - Paper Machine Runnability and Tail Threading Solutions
Runnability orientated RunPro offers web stabilizing, machine geometry modifications and ropeless tail threading solutions. They eliminate runnability problems and ensure a fluent paper making process.

Web stabilizing and tail threading solutions are safe, reliable and maintenance free resulting in significant benefits. This is reflected in a minimal payback time.

RunPro EasyOne web stabilizers can significantly reduce productivity problems, such as the number of breaks, long tail threading times, and unnecessarily high draws, all due to sheet instability in the beginning of the single felted dryer section. It is a tailor-made concept applicable for different dryer section geometries and therefore an excellent tool for upcoming rebuild projects.
RunTech RunPro Paper Machine Runnability and Tail Threading Solutions

Paper and board mills report improved operator safety, higher runnability, faster machine speeds and increased production with Runtech Systemsí ropeless tail threading and runnability solutions.

Benefits Include:
  Increased machine speed
  Improved runnability
  Decreased investment and raw material costs
  Reduced tail threading time during breaks up to 80%
  Very little maintenance required
  Improved operator safety

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