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Controls, Systems & Valves
Industrial Automation & Control
Schneider Electric Automation & Controls

Schneider electric automation and control products and solutions cover the breadth of the industrial, infrastructure and building sectors. Schneider can provide anything from programmable relays to motion controllers and interface modules, for applications from simple machines to complex process systems.

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Schneider Electric Industrial Automation & Controls

SCADA Systems

RACO SCADA Systems are the most Powerful, Versatile, Pump Station Performance Monitoring Systems on the market today. Verbatim SCADA System software for Windows is a great upgrade for Verbatim RTU Users, allowing you to combine a Verbatim System with a Central Station Host Computer and interface up to 2500 Verbatim RTUs.

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Process Controls Corporation

We carry a complete line of valves from manufacturers such as Bray Controls, RF Valves, Flow Safe, Strahman, and RobertShaw.
Valves Manufacturer Logos
RF Valves Logo

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Strahman Drain & Reactor Valves


RACO's Cellularm® system, is a reliable and innovative cellular voice and data communications system designed for maximum compatibility with RACO alarm autodialers, data loggers and RTUs.

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Process Controls Corporation

RACO Logo RACO's product line ranges from interactive, wireless data com- munications systems to alarm autodialing systems, which enables RACO to provide a solution for any
delivery technology utilized – landline, cellular wireless and cellular control channel wireless. Alarms can be reported to computers, standard phone, cell phone, pager, or voice mail systems.

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RACO AlarmAgent

Telephone Dialers
RACO Logo RACO offers a complete line of high quality, reliable remote communications systems for monitoring, alarm notification and data logging applications.
Additionally, RACO offers systems with the ability to run SCADA, PLC annunciation and process control applications.

Our product line ranges from interactive, wireless data communications systems to alarm autodialing systems, which enables RACO to provide a solution for any communication platform utilized – landline, cellular wireless and cellular control channel wireless.

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RACO Telephone Dialers

Signal Conditioners
Absolute Process Instruments Logo
Absolute Process Instruments is a diverse designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of standard and custom electronic products.
Absolute Process Instruments is committed to designing, manufacturing, and selling quality products that provide customers with cost-effective solutions to their industrial process measurement challenges.

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API Signal Conditioners

Intrinsic Safety
Pepperl+Fuchs Logo
Pepperl+Fuchs is a leading developer & manufacturer of electronic sensors & components for the global automation market with an established track record of innovation in industrial automation & intrinsic safety.

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Pepperl+Fuchs Intrinsic Safety

Industrial Monitors & Workstations
Pepperl+Fuchs VisuNET HMI Logo
Our HMI visualization solutions are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of industrial process environments. And because Pepperl+Fuchs´ VisuNet industrial monitors and workstations are built in house to industrial standards with industrial-rated components, they are easily tailored to meet the exact solution for your application-no matter how harsh, how rugged, or how demanding.
Pepperl+Fuchs Industrial Workstations & Monitors

Our core industries include Oil & Gas and the Life Sciences. These segments branch out into a collection of subindustries that include a variety of environmental requirements and area classifications.

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