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Instrumentation & Measurement
Mettler Toledo Logo  
Mettler Toledo Process Analytics represents only the highest quality analytical measuring instruments.

Mettler Toledo provides analytical instruments used to measure pH, Dissolved Oxygen, CO2, Conductivity, TOC, GPO, Turbidity and Microbial Detection.

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Mettler Toledo M700 Transmitter

Ametek Logo  
AMETEK Process Instruments is a worldwide manufacturer of process analyzers and instrumentation. A business unit of the Process & Analytical Instruments division of AMETEK, Inc. Our markets include:
IR & UV online Process Analyzers for gases and liquids
Zirconia Oxide based Analyzers for O2 and Combustibles Measurements
Tunable Diode Laser analyzers
Sulphur Recovery Unit and Tail Gas Treater Online
Quartz Crystal Microbalance Moisture Analyzers
CEMS Analyzers
Gas Gravitometers
Gas Chromatographs for Trace Level Gas Analysis
Chilled Mirror Dew Point analyzers

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Maselli Measurements Logo

The Maselli group of companies has continued to make important technical contributions to the evolution of liquid analysis instrumentation since its organization in 1948.

Today, Maselli Misure SpA in Parma, Italy is one of only a few companies worldwide capable of developing and constructing automatic on-line and laboratory liquid analyzers.
Maselli UR-24 In-Line Process Refractometer

Valmet Logo

Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Valmet’s vision is to become the global champion in serving its customers. Our 12,000 professionals around the world work closely with their customers and are committed to moving their customers’ performance forward – every day.

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Valmet Density Products

Envea Logo

Envea is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge on-line monitoring solutions for industry, laboratory and local & government institutions. Faithful to our principles: eco-innovation, sustainability, ethics and shared value, we are committed to providing solutions at the highest standards.

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Envea Environmental Products

Flow Manufacturer Logos

SOR, Sierra Instruments, Delta M Corporation, Great Plains Industries, and GF Signet all provide excellent flow measuring instruments.

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SIERRA Model 240 Mass Flow Meter

Ground Level Display
L&J Technologies Logo
L&J Engineering was started in 1976 by an engineer who had a better idea in electronic tank gauging. L&J provides quality products for the Petroleum, Petrochemical, Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, Pipeline, Wastewater, Steel and Waste Treatment Industries.

The L&J Technologies family of companies are global manufacturers of tank level gauging and tank fitting equipment, control systems and related products.

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L&J Technologies

Level Manufacturer Logos

These technologies include radar, laser, capacitance, magnetostrictive, ultrasonic, load cells, magnetic level, and thermal dispersion, among others. We represent SOR, RobertShaw and Delta M Corporation.

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RobertShaw Model 167 RF Level Control

SOR Logo
    SOR Pressure Sensing Products
Cecomp Logo

SOR® and Cecomp provide pressure sensing products that use minimal moving parts for unmatched quality, reliability and durability. Both companies manufacture nearly one hundred process instruments that are used in a variety of applications such as power generation, oil and gas, cement and water treatment.

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SOR Logo Process Sensors Logo
Cecomp Logo

Today, SOR®, Process Sensors, and Cecomp temperature sensing products use minimal moving parts for unmatched quality, reliability, and durability. Together, they manufacture nearly one hundred process instruments that are used in a variety of applications such as power generation, oil and gas, cement and water treatment.

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SOR Temperature Sensing Products

Hardy Process Solutions  Logo  

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Hardy Process Solutions has been providing customers with weighing solutions for 100 years and is best known for its innovative technology. The company prides itself on its ability to continuously provide superior product quality and excellent customer support.

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Hardy Process Solutions

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