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Ball & Butterfly Valves
Bray Controls Logo
Bray Controls offers a complete line of resilient seated butterfly valves for a wide range of applications including Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petroleum Refining and Oilfield, Microelectronics,
Pulp and Paper, Power Generation and Distribution, Water and Waste Water Treatment, Government Agencies, Brewing, Food Processing, Beverages, Transportation, Marine, Mining, Irrigation, Textile, Steel Products and HVAC.

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Bray Butterfly Valves

Control Valves
RobertShaw Logo
RobertShaw Control Valves are built to be rugged and reliable in light industrial applications. Their versatile and proven designs are widely used by process industries, manufacturers, utilities and the military.

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RobertShaw Control Valves

Drain & Reactor Valves
Strahman Logo
In the early 1940's, Strahman Valves began manufacturing Ram Type drain valves.

Drain valves, also known as bottom tank valves or piston valves are used to empty vessels or take process samples. The basic Strahman drain valve design includes a piston or "ram" that extends into the vessel outlet to prevent accumulation of process material.

Strahman drain valves are used on process vessels and reactors and are designed so that they cannot clog. They are ideal for use in liquid and gas service or with slurries, polymers, and high viscosity fluids, which may solidify at room temperature. Drain Valves are available in Disc Type or Plunger Type.

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Strahman Drain & Reactor Valves

Sampling Valves
Strahman Logo
Strahman sampling valves extract fluid directly from the pipeline.

They can be used under high pressure or even high vacuum conditions. Strahmanís line of sampling valves produces samples without failure. (Sediment or clogging cannot stop this valve from producing a live sample.) The main function of these valves is to make a link between the inside and the out side of a process. Product may be added to the pipeline through the valve (injection) or removed from the pipeline (sampling).
Dopak Sampling Valves

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