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Cellular Communications Made Easy
RACO's Cellularm® system, is a reliable
and innovative cellular voice and data communications system designed for maximum compatibility with RACO alarm autodialers, data loggers and RTUs.

The Cellularm System comes
fully-equipped with:
A high quality cellular phone transceiver, antenna and optional RACO autodialer in compact, weather-resistant housing.
  A standard back-up battery for the transceiver and autodialer on AC powered models.
  A RJ11 connector for a standard telephone set or autodialer, which eliminates the need for special connections.

The Cellularm System provides you with:


Allows for:
    - voice alarm notification
    - numeric pager & alphanumeric pager alarm notification
    - communication with other RACO units
    - fax alarm & status notification
    - datalogging reporting to fax and computers
  Is compatible with any RACO alarm autodialer
  Allows users to choose the optimal Cellularm system to match their local cellular telephone service availability
  Can be powered by AC or DC supply; DC powered systems allows for full standalone solar-powered monitoring


Eliminates the vulnerability found in traditional physically-wired systems, supplying added security
  Provides backup to a traditional phone network in case of telephone line outage or failure

Cost Savings...

Is shipped pre-assembled, allowing for simple, low-cost installation
  Eliminates the need for a landline, lowering overall set-up costs
  Provides cost effective operating in situations where cellular phone service is less expensive than landline service

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