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General Industrial
We supply a large number of industries including food and beverage; mining; oil and gas; textile; environmental; and government/marine along with other process industries.

Engineered Solutions
Each industry has unique vacuum requirements. NASH offers unparalleled expertise in the design and manufacture of systems engineered to meet your specific process needs.

Through our global network of manufacturing and packaging facilities, we can design, engineer, and build the right system to meet your needs, wherever you are located.
General Industrial

General Industrial
NASH offers a wide array of pre-engineered, configurable, and engineered-to-order systems. Whether it's a standard pre-engineered liquid ring vacuum system for general industry, an application specific package for the power industry or a complete engineered-to-order hybrid system for the chemical industry; nobody has more experience and expertise.

Upon arrival, NASH engineered vacuum systems are ready for operation, easy to integrate into process automation, help minimize installation & operating costs, and most of all are designed to meet the rigors of the most demanding applications.

Many processes in the food and beverage industry can be optimized by the use of vacuum technology. NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps are used to lift and hold objects, and then to release the object - a process that can be found in all modern finishing facilities. In addition, NASH pumps are used to remove air during food packaging, which extends the shelf life of the food, and also eliminates odors.

  Bottle Filling Machines in Breweries
  Deaeration of Mineral Water
  Deodorizing of Edible Oils and Fats
  Evaporators, Cookers & Vacuum Pans
  Humidification of Tobacco
  Milking Systems
  Poultry Processing
  Sterilization of Tea and Spices

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Whether extracting alumina from bauxite, iron ore, phosphate, copper, titanium dioxide or coal, there are some generic applications that can employ NASH equipment.

  Methane Gas Extraction
  Vacuum Filtration

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Oil & Gas
Safe, non-polluting gas and vapor management: NASH vacuum and compressor systems can handle saturated inlet gas streams, explosive gas mixtures, dirty abrasive gas mixtures and unpredictable streams that change with process variables.

  Coal Bed Methane Gas Recovery
  Crude Oil Vacuum Distillation
  Enhanced Oil Recovery
  Field Gas Boosting
  Flare Gas Recovery
  Fuel Gas Boosting
  Solvent Dewaxing
  Vapor Recovery/Gas Boosting

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Vacuum pumps and compressors used in the textile industry must meet high demands. Because they operate oil-free and require very little maintenance, our high-performance NASH pumps are the first choice wherever the need is for improving working conditions.

  Draining and Drying of Dyed Carpet
  Vacuum Slot Extraction

There are various applications that utilize NASH products to improve our environment. Aeration is one very necessary function in many environmental applications. For example, NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors can be used in the following processes: compression of gases; collection of materials; and aeration.

  Biogas Production
  Digester Gas Compression
  Vacuum Priming
  Wastewater Purification/Oxygenation of Activated Sludge Tanks

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Other Process Industries
Gardner Denver Nash has offered solutions to industry applications for more than 100 years and continues to do so. You can even find NASH products for non-mainstream industry applications, such as timber impregnation, to name just one. If you have an application that could benefit from a NASH product, please let us know.

  Calibration Tables (Plastic Profiles)
  Extruder Degassing
  Steam Sterilizers
  Vacuum Filtration
  Vacuum Priming
  Wood Treating (Impregnation)

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