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ABB Logo
ABB is a leading global manufacturer of state-of-the-art level instrumentation for liquid and bulk solids detection.
The company has over 300,000 installations worldwide in such applications as oil and gas production, chemical processing, pulp and paper processing, mining and construction, food and beverage manufacturing, plastics manufacturing, and power generation.

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K-TEK MT5000 Series Guided Wave Radar

ABB Logo
ABB focuses its extensive engineering, manufacturing, and applications expertise exclusively in the area of level measurement.

ABB pushes the leading edge of technical innovation and consistently commits to R&D the largest investment per revenue dollar of any level company in the world. ABB is a leader in level measurement technology.

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K-TEK Model LM80 High Performance Laser Transmitter

RobertShaw Logo
Today, RobertShaw offers unique combinations of quality products and advanced technological devices designed to provide solutions for your specific needs.

RobertShaw's capacitance measuring products have helped customers reach unprecedented levels of operating efficiency in many industries including petroleum, chemical and energy.

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RobertShaw Model 167 RF Level Control

ABB Logo
ABB pioneered the KM26 magnetic level gauge with extruded outlets and continues to set the pace in the industry.

ABB has a complete family of point and continuous level measuring products that include: Magnetically Coupled Liquid Level Gauges, Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters, Guided Wave Radar Transmitters, Laser Transmitters, Buoyancy Level Switches, RF Capacitance Transmitters & Switches, Ultrasonic Transmitter & Switches, and Thermal Dispersion & Vibrating Fork Switches, Rotary Paddle Switches, and Plumb Bob devices.

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K-TEK AccuTrak AT100 High Accuracy Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

ABB Logo
ABB is committed to the highest degree of product quality and customer service, which is exemplified in the solutions approach that is taken with each individual customer.

ABB is set apart from the competition by its ability to design and manufacture equipment for some of the toughest industry applications — including high pressures, extreme temperatures, low specific gravities, and low dielectric constants.

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K-TEK KSONIK I Short Range Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

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Magnetic Level
ABB Logo
ABB is the only manufacturer in North America to hold three (3) ASME stamps (“U,” “UM,” and “S”) and hold a PED certificate in the magnetic level gauge business.

The company also maintains an ISO-9001 certification and continues to expand agency approvals, such as ATEX, for all electronic instruments.

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K-TEK KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge

Thermal Dispersion
 Delta M Corporation Logo
DELTA M has established a strong and vibrant business based on patented technologies in the flow, level and temperature industry.

DELTA M Corporation continues to design, develop, manufacture, and market unique fluid flow, level, switches and temperature measurement products using proprietary and patented thermal-based technologies. Because of their almost 20 years experience and expertise in thermal measurement technology and high quality manufacturing they are able to develop, manufacture and market innovative state of the art instruments.
Delta M FS51SC Mass Flow Switch

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