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7000RMS Microbial Detection Analyzer
For Real-Time Monitoring of Microbial Contamination
Testing for microbial excursions in pharmaceutical waters has meant lengthy delays due to plate counting or sample preparation requiring stains and reagents. Not anymore. The on-line 7000RMS (Real-time Microbial System) delivers continuous measurement of microbes and inert particles in real time.

Higher Product Quality at a Lower Cost
7000RMS Microbial Detection Analyzer
The 7000RMS eliminates the need for standard plate counts, with no sample preparation required. Instant notification of microbial excursions allows for rapid remediation, preventing product from being affected. The reduction in lab measurements and savings in energy through optimized sanitization cycles results in markedly lower operating costs.

Reliable Optical Technology
Light-induced fluorescence, Mie scattering and sophisticated algorithms are used to detect and quantify microbes and inert particles. The 7000RMS is also able to measure organisms that can be missed in growth-based methods.

Easy to Use Throughout Your Facility
Whether in your RO system, pure water storage or distribution loop the 7000RMS can be utilized on-line or at-line. It can also be used in the laboratory for rapid testing of grab samples. The analyzer's touchscreen interface displays all critical data and controls in a user-friendly manner.

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Mettler Toledo 7000RMS Microbial Detection Analyzer Brochure
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