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Canned Motor Pumps
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Nikkiso's products and technologies have created totally new markets in Japan and around the world. Their pump engineering and manufacturing are considered first class in multiple industries.

Canned Motor Pumps (Non-Seal Pumps)
Canned Motor Pumps are leak-free pumps best suited for use with high-temperature and dangerous liquids. Seal less pumps with leak-proof construction with the pump and motor integrated into one housing.

Leak-free, Adaptable to a Wide Range of Pressures and Temperatures, Easy to Assemble, Compact Space Saving Design, Low Vibration and Noise, and Compliant with International and National Standards.

With strong engineering response capability and reliability based on long years of proven accomplishments and long service life, the pumps are used in a wide variety of fields such as petrochemical, petroleum refinery, chemicals, electric power, food, semiconductor, and air conditioning industries.
Nikkiso Canned Motor Pump

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