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Ploughshare® Technology
Lodige Process Technology Logo
Lodige Process Technology is a global leading supplier of mixers, coating systems, granulators, dryers and reactors. Lodige invented Ploughshare® Technology. This technology is effective with the following processes: Mixing (horizontal and vertical); Drying (Contact, Fluid Bed, and Convection); Reacting; Coating; and Granulation (Horizontal and Vertical).

Principle of Operation
The Ploughshare® Shovels are specially arranged and rotate on a horizontal shaft in a horizontal, cylindrical mixing drum. The size, number and positioning, geometric shape and peripheral speed of the mixing elements are designed to cause three-dimensional movement of the components of mix. Complete fluidization and turbulence of the mixed materials is created which eliminates dead spaces or low movement zones in the mixing drum; thus promoting high speed, precise mixing.

The specially shaped shovels lift the product radially from the wall of the drum to prevent particles from becoming compressed between the mixing elements and the drum wall. The mechanically generated fluid bed is therefore ideal for gentle mixing if fragile and heat sensitive components are included in the mix.

Lodige Process Technology offers a large variety of horizontal and vertical mixing systems for industrial applications. Customized solutions can involve extremely high mixing quality, short mixing times, reproducibility of batches, gentle product treatment, high availability, low-maintenance mixer concept, easy accessibility of all internal mixer components and multi-stage processes in one machine.

Industries served: Building Materials, Chemical Industry, Cosmetics, Plastics, Metallurgy, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Polysaccharides, Environment

Lodige - Ploughshare Horizontal Mixing   Lodige - Vertical Mixing Lab Machine
Ploughshare® Horizontal Mixing   Vertical Mixing Lab Machine

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The Lödige dryer was developed from the Lödige Ploughshare® Mixer. It consists of horizontal, cylindrical drum with heating jacket. The product is heated by the jacket and the product moisture is thereby evaporated. A horizontal shaft along the longitudinal axis of the dryer drum is equipped with shovels for mixing the drying product according to the fluid bed principle. This ensures that the product is heated evenly (no local hot spots) and moist material is brought continuously in contact with the heated wall.

The intensity of the product movement increases during the drying process while moisture and therefore viscosity decrease. Use of choppers at the right time produces a bigger heat transfer area and therefore leads to increased drying speed. The dryer is heated by the jacket operated with hot water, steam or thermal oil. Molten salt or an electric heating can also be used to achieve higher temperatures.

Contact drying with the Vacuum Shovel Dryer Druvatherm® provides intense mixing and prevents temperature and moisture gradients within the product. Maximum heat transfer coefficients ensure excellent dryer performance. Other key features include gentle thermal product treatment in vacuum mode, multi-phase processing (mixing, granulation, drying, cooling) and cost-efficient solvent recovery.

Typical applications include: pharmaceuticals, chemical, cosmetics, plastics, polysaccharides and environment.

Lodige - Vacuum Shovel Dryer Druvatherm Lab Machine   Lodige - Vacuum Shovel Dryer Druvatherm
Vacuum Shovel Dryer
Druvatherm® Lab Machine
  Vacuum Shovel Dryer

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Lodige Druvatherm® reactors are batch, high-speed reactors. The Reactor Druvatherm® is available in lab and standard sizes. The benefits include the rapid uniting of reacting agents, prevention of local over concentrations, no temperature gradients within the reaction field, improved conversion of reacting agents, leading to higher yield with greater purity of the final product and multi-phase process (reaction, heating, drying, granulation, cooling).

Lodige - Reactor Druvatherm Lab Machine   Lodige - Reactor Druvatherm
Reactor Druvatherm® Lab Machine   Reactor Druvatherm®

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Coating Solutions
Lodige Process Technology mixing systems are utilized in granulation, agglomeration and coating applications for various industries. The coaters are specifically developed for coating tablets. With their coater range, these machines are the technological market leader in the pharmaceutical industry - providing perfect results in an extremely short time frame.

Mixing Granulators (Horizontal and Vertical)
The high-shear mixer is a system for mixing, granulation and sieving of pharmaceutical powders and granulated products. A mixing granulator is suitable for a wide range of cosmetics and food products. Other benefits include: a GMP-compliant design, Modular WIP system for the machine and all additional components, Automatic liquid addition in different versions, New pharmaceutical controls, Temperature control jacket for heating/cooling, Integrated sieve on machine outlet, Vacuum feeder, Customized ATEX concepts.

Lodige - Ploughshare Mixer Horizontal Granulation   Lodige - Coater System
Ploughshare® Mixer Horizontal Granulation   Coater System

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