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BIAZZI has been building plants for explosives manufacture since 1936. To date more than 250 units have been realized. More than 50% of worldwide Nitroglycerine production spread over 5 continents uses BIAZZI technology and benefits from their outstanding safety record.
Biazzi Products

BIAZZI has a leading position in the nitration field thanks to extensive experience gained during more than 80 years in the design, engineering, delivery, and operation of nitroaromatics and nitro esters manufacturing plants.

BIAZZI is able to deliver safe, efficient processes and plants for attractive prices for the manufacture of
  Dinitro Toluene DNT (Biazzi also can offer the Technology for Hydrogenation of DNT to TDA). Capacity up to 300'000 MTPY.
  EHN, ION and other nitrate esters
  NT's, NCB's and other nitroaromatics
  NT's, NCB's isomer separation
  Associated Wastewater Treatment Units using Novel Technology

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BIAZZI offers complete automation of your project from initial study to engineering to commissioning. Biazzi even handles the training.

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