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Motors & Drives
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Goizper’s extensive product line has a solution for Starting and Stopping in most any application - from small fans to forging presses - and everything in between. Industrial Power Transmission Components are used in a wide variety of applications such as can manufacturing, metal forming, metal working, automation/assembly/welding, machine tools, printing and packaging.

Products include Clutches/Brakes & Indexers, Pneumatic Clutches & Brakes, Hydraulic Clutches & Brakes, Mechanical and Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes, Cam Indexers, GUIBE Gearboxes, Servo Safety Brakes, Smart G-Technology, Retrofits and Replacements.
Goizper Clutch Brake & Clutch Brake Assemblies

Goizper Clutches & Brakes are manufactured to meet a wide variety of operating load conditions for many applications which include:
Lower Load Conditions
Centrifugal Pumps, Small Fans, Centrifugal Compressors
Low Load Conditions
Elevators, Large Fans, Belt Conveyors,Wood and Metal Machine Tools, Small Textile Machines
Medium Load Conditions
Rotary Furnaces, Elevators, Mixers, Shearing Machines, Stamping Machines, Pump and Piston Compressors, Sharpening Machines, Heavy Textile Machines, Mills
High Load Conditions and High Load Peaks
Shovels, Polishing Machines, Tractors, Light Metal Rollers, Crushing Machines, Large Fans, Molding Presses, Locomotives, Large Piston Pumps, Cranes
Higher Load Conditions and High Load Peaks
Forging Presses, Large Piston Compressors, Steel and Rubber Rollers, Saws, Carrier Rollers, Filing Machines, Wire Drawing Machines, Plate Bending Machines, Large Crushing Machines, Paper Calendars, Spinning Machines.
Hydraulic Clutches & Brakes
Goizper products are designed and manufactured to be SMART and TOUGH. The patented progressive double-piston design eliminates shock loads associated high-pressure hydraulic systems. With Torque ratings up to 460,000 lb ft (633,000 Nm) they’re fit to meet the demands of your heaviest duty, industrial applications.

Goizper’s hydraulic clutch-brake combinations, separate clutches, hydraulic brakes and related accessories, include: Hydraulic Clutches, Brakes, Clutch-brake Combinations, Hydraulic Servo Brake, Hydraulic Safety Brake and Hydraulically Engaged Brake.

Typical Applications Include:
  Presses for metal forming, stamping, embossing and drawing, can manufacturing, automobile bodies, shears and die cutters
  Transmissions for machinery and vehicles, marine engineering, stationary and mobile cranes, and multi-motor drives
  Brakes for hydraulic drive motors of excavator wheels, cranes, winches, and agricultural tractors
  Safety brakes for machine tool and servo-presses, and all kind of hydraulically driven machines

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Goizper Combined Hydraulic Clutch Brakes Brochure

Mechanical & Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes
Goizper’s mechanical and electromagnetic clutches, brakes and related accessories, include: Electromagnetic Multiple Disc Clutches, Electromagnetic Single Plate Clutch and Brake, Electromagnetic Tooth Clutches, Electromagnetic Spring Set Brake and Mechanical Clutches and Torque Limiters.

Typical Applications Include: Hoists, Machine Tools, Concerting, Corrugating, Packaging, Revolving Doors, Woodworking, Roofing Machinery, Material Handling, and Processing.
Goizper Mechanical & Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes

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Goizper Mechanical Clutches & Torque Limiters Datasheet
Goizper Electromagnetic Clutches Brakes Datasheet

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Pneumatic Clutches & Brakes
Goizper products are designed and manufactured to be SMART and TOUGH. With Torque ratings up to 110,000 lb ft (150,000 Nm) they’re suited to a variety of heavy-duty industrial applications.

Goizper’s standard pneumatic clutch-brake combinations and accessories, include: Pneumatic Clutches, Brakes, Clutch-brake Combinations, Pneumatic Servo Brakes, Pneumatic Safety Brakes, Pneumatic Safety Valves, Wet Clutch-brakes, Special Clutch-brake Units, and Complete Press Drives (Clutch-Brake/Flywheel/Gearset).

Typical Applications Include: Metal forming Presses, Stamping Presses, Die Cutters, Shears, Headers, Compacting Presses, Can Body Makers, Can End Presses, Lamination Presses, and Forging Presses.
Goizper Pneumatic Clutches & Brakes

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Goizper Pneumatic Clutch Brake Series 5.7 Datasheet

Cam Indexers
Goizper’s engineering expertise in power transmission - Starting and Stopping - extends to our wide range of precision, low maintenance index drives and turntables - providing repeatable, reliable operation.

Goizper’s Cam Indexers and related accessories, include: Parallel Shaft Index Drives, Intermittent Turntables, Compact Plate Index Drives, Globoid Cam Index Drives, and Complete Cam Index Drive Systems.

Typical Applications Include: Welding Automation, Dial Tables, Indexing Conveyors, Pick and Place, Part Transfers, Roller Hemming, Servo Tables (flexible), Automotive, and Packaging.
Goizper Cam Indexes

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Goizper Overview Slide Show

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