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Observation Equipment
Canty Process Technology
J.M. Canty Logo
J.M. CANTY Process Technology’s goal is to provide novel equipment to solve some of the most difficult challenges in process control. Their unique imaging systems have solved some of industries biggest challenges.

CANTY manufactures lighting, cameras, sight flow indicators, quick opening closures, glass to metal seals, vision-based process control, and particles sizing systems.

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Process Lights
J.M. Canty Logo
CANTY fiber optic lighting systems have been designed to provide efficient, high LED light in a cost-effective package.

CANTY uses only high quality, flexible fiber optic light pipes to guide the light from our light source through a sight glass or process connection. The light is elliptically focused into the fiber optic light pipe and guided through the sight glass minimizing losses while maximizing your tank or vessel lighting!
CANTY - Sanitary Lights

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Sight Glasses/Sight Flows

J.M. Canty Logo
All CANTY sight glasses feature the Fuseview™ window. Our unique fused glass windows far exceed all conventional tempered glass windows in safety and performance.

By fusing glass to metal, a high pressure, high safety, hermetic seal is formed. The fused glass Technology ensures safety with every Fuseview™. What’s more, our windows can easily be removed for cleaning. CANTY windows do not have to be discarded, as do traditional tempered glass windows.
CANTY - Fuseview Sanitary Sight Glass

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Process Cameras
J.M. Canty Logo
CANTY cameras are patented systems designed to illuminate and view inside a pressure or process vessel through a single connection.

There is no need for multiple vessel ports. Canty supplies an integrally mounted camera and lighting system (optional) in a connection as small as a 2” connection. The Ethernet video output can be displayed on a computer in the comforts of a control room, or recorded on any DVR or hard drive.
CANTY - Process Vessel Cameras

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Vessel Closures
J.M. Canty Logo
The CANTY QuickPort™ is a patented, safe, quick opening closure for process vessels.
Originally used in the offshore diving industry as a transfer lock on decompression chambers. QuickPorts™ are used with no additional interlock by various non-industrial personnel in applications where any operational failure would be fatal.
CANTY - Vessel Closues

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