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Metering Pumps
LEWA ecoflow
The innovative and universal metering pumps with Diaphragm Protection System DPS series in proven modular design.

extremely safe due to DPS

With the consistently further developed LEWA ecoflow series an optimal, customized design for almost every application can be configured from the abundance of standardized assemblies. Therefore it is possible to offer the already legendary LEWA quality at a marketable price. For special technical requirements which cannot be covered by our modular system we are in the position to offer special solutions based on over 50 years of experience.
LEWA ecoflow Pumps

Low maintenance costs, extended service intervals
  High mechanical efficiency
  High safety against overload
  Very low adjustment forces for manual adjustment or stroke actuators
  Linear, precision stroke adjustment with excellent reproducibility
  Adjustment possible in operation or at rest
  Wide range of pipeline connections. Different drive options

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LEWA ecoflow Brochure

LEWA ecosmart
The clever idea for the plant – solid technology at an affordable price.

The diaphragm metering pump at a smart price

flow rates up to 300 l/h
  pressure up to 80 bar

LEWA ecosmart pumps: The safe, economic and hermetically sealed diaphragm metering pump. For pressures to 80bar and flow rates up to 300 l/h at temperatures up to 120°C. It offers the best value in its class and meters the often expensive fluids very precisely. As a positive displacement pump, it works with high efficiency.
LEWA ecosmart Pumps

Secure: The sandwich - membrane concept with membrane leakage monitoring ensures absolute freedom from leakage.

Economic: The low life cycle costs are based on the high overall efficiency with low energy costs. Generous maintenance intervals stress its efficiency.

Solid: The PTFE sandwich diaphragm, the diaphragm protection system (DPS Diaphragm Protection System) and the flow- working valves come from the best LEWA program. Standardization of individual configurations is possible on request.

Top operational safety
  Highest metering precision
  Suction pressure down to 0.1 bar abs
  Compact design
  Simple installation and start-up
  Sandwich design with diaphragm monitoring
  Standard drives according to IEC and NEMA

Typical Installations of LEWA ecosmart Diaphragm Metering Pumps
Water treatment in power plants
  Metering of additives in industrial water processing
  pH adjustment
  Dosing of solvents in the chemical industry
  Feeding of corrosion inhibitors
  Dosing of colorants and flavors in the food industry
  Additive metering in the plastics industry
  Injection of chemicals in the oil & gas industry

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LEWA ecosmart Brochure
LEWA ecosmart Flyer

LEWA ecodos
The metering pumps of the LEWA ecodos series are the standard diaphragm metering pumps for the low pressure range up to 20bar.

The LEWA ecodos Series features:

The mechanically actuated 4-layer PTFE sandwich diaphragm provides multiple safety
  The LEWA ecodos pumps can be supplied in 13 performance ratings and can be combined to create a multiplex pump in modular design
  Pump heads are made of stainless steel, PVC or PVDF, and diaphragm monitoring is provided as standard
LEWA ecodos Pumps
Open and closed loop controls together with a complete line of accessories adapt this economical pump series to the customer's requirements
  The metered flow can be adjusted manually, via an electric stroke actuator or by speed using a frequency inverter
  LEWA ecodos pumps meet all requirements for integration into automated plants of the application and process technology

Hermetically tight diaphragm pumps
  Fair price and very low operating costs
  Patented 4-layer PTFE safety diaphragm for very high operating safety
  Highest diaphragm service life (2 years warranty) in the low pressure range
  Highest metering accuracy due to the most pressure stiff diaphragm in the complete low pressure range
  Diaphragm monitoring is standard
  Emergency operation possible even in case of diaphragm rupture
  Sturdy drive units designed for continuous duty

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PDF Format.

LEWA ecodos Brochure
LEWA ecodos® High-Quality Diaphragm Metering Pumps for Low Pressures Brochure
LEWA ecodos® Sanitary Diaphragm Pump Series Brochure

LEWA Microflow Metering Pumps
LEWA diaphragm metering pumps are reciprocating positive displacement pumps that offer high metering accuracy and are the standard for safety and hermetical tightness, especially when conveying critical fluids.

A diaphragm separates the fluid conveyed from the drive unit. LEWA’s principle of construction assures that the diaphragm always moves in the optimum working range. To maintain the lowest stress possible on the diaphragm it is hydraulically actuated in these LEWA metering pumps which, in connection with the diaphragm Protection System (DPS), guarantees an extremely long diaphragm service life combined with an easy start-up even under adverse suction conditions.
LEWA Microflow Metering Pumps

These micro-metering pumps with hydraulically actuated metal diaphragm are predominantly used in the laboratory and for process research in pilot plants.

Flow rates up to 68 l/h per pump head
  Discharge pressures up to 560bar
  Micro-metering pumps with hydraulically actuated metal diaphragm of the LEWA Micro-Flow Metering Pumps series are precise, reliable, leakage- and maintenance-free
  They are mainly used in the laboratory and for process development in pilot plants; integrated or separate controls are available
  The pumps have very pressure stiff characteristics, this means that the system pressure has little influence on the flow rate

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