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Package Engineering
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LEWA Metering and Mixing Packages
LEWA solves metering and mixing applications from engineering to onsite commissioning with metering packages tailor-made for a specific application. All components are checked with regard to the special requirements of the pumps used and are precisely adapted to each other. This and the supply from a single source guarantees high availability and easy operation of the metering and mixing packages and of the LEWA metering systems in a closed loop control system.

Tailor-made metering packages are completely provided from one source, including full engineering and individual plant controls, process display, recording of operating data or external interface to process guidance systems.
LEWA Metering and Mixing Packages

The design, in addition to individual process parameters, also observes the corresponding requirements of the guidelines in force, such as e.g. ATEX, DGRL (PED), VbF and WHG.

LEWA metering systems consist of pump, adjusting element and controller and are used for a wide variety of metering applications.

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LEWA Metering and Mixing Packages Brochure
LEWA Metering Systems Brochure
LEWA Fluid Metering Systems for the Pharma Industry Datasheet
LEWA Metering Pumps for Fluid-Process-Chromatography Datasheet

LEWA Odourizing Systems
LEWA – Your Expert for Odourizing Systems for More than 30 Years
Product features include the following:

Odourization for all sorts of gases
  Applicable for all current odourants
  Standard and customized solutions for odourization
  Short-term delivery for standard systems: 8 weeks
  Economical odourizing systems thanks to modular design
  Worlwide service
  System support and service
  Application oriented seminars
LEWA Odourizing Systems

High precision metering pumps for an optimum use of odourants:

Hermetically tight pump heads with zero leakage, hydraulically actuated, stainless steel diaphragm
  Proven, state of the art electronic components control, monitor and adjust the LEWA odourizing systems
  Outdoor proof stainless steel cabinets are available for all LEWA odourizing systems. The cabinets can be equipped with heating, insulation, lighting, lifting devices if required.
  Systems available for returnable as well as local vessels or for special applications

Product advantages:

Hermetically tight even after repeat assembly and disassembly
  Easy and precise setting of odourant concentration
  Flow-proportional, gas flow controlled odourization (injection procedure)
  Careful selection of the individual components assures a design protecting the environment
  Optimum odourant distribution by expert injection nozzle design
  Designed with special safety couplings so that odourant leakages during vessel change are avoided.
  Low maintenance costs

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PDF Format Click below to download the product brochure in
PDF Format.

LEWA Odourizing Systems Brochure

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