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Mechatronic Pump Systems
LEWA intellidrive®
LEWA is uniting what was previously separate: Pumps with standard frequency-controlled drives and separate actuators for stroke adjustment can now be combined into one unit.

LEWA intellidriveŽ is probably the most creative pump system for a broad range of applications:

  highly dynamic
  very precise
LEWA intellidrive Pump

LEWA intellidrive® features pre-wired plugs that reduce installation and wiring effort and simplify connection of the supply and signal lines to the controller. Naturally, field bus communication is offered with different topologies via Ethernet or Profibus, as is expandability of analog inputs and outputs. LEWA intellidriveŽ is also available in a stand-alone variant; the necessary open and closed loop control intelligence is already integrated in the drive unit. As an alternative, the system may be integrated into a higher-level process control system, and it can serve as a data transmitter via the 04/20 line.

Industry Applications
Filling systems (food & beverages, pharmaceutical and plastics)
  Process Chromatography
  EPS/PU Production

Limitless Range of Potential Uses:
High-viscosity fluids can only be pumped ideally by intelligent motion control, especially during the suction phase; LEWA intellidrive® masters different suction and pressure stroke frequencies
  Mixing two media in one pump head: LEWA intellidrive® with intelligent drive
  Precision filling: LEWA intellidrive® synchronizes to the filling machine, e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry
  By intelligently overlaying the feed flows of two single pumps, it is possible to prevent pressure pulsation, even without pulsation dampers
  When feed volumes are variable: Production with LEWA intellidriveŽ minimizes downtimes, e.g. in extrusion technology

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